About us

Baby's joy for a better future.

Brand profile

Tumama Kids established in 2018, specialize in developmental baby toy design and selling, headquarter located in ShenZhen, China. We aim to provide original innovative design product in baby toy industry, along with strict quality control management. Our product sold over 30 countries around the world in past 6 years, enjoy a high reputation among newborn parents continually.
Tumama Kids team keep collecting early educational ideas from young new generation parents, meanwhile take worldwide culture different into design consideration, upgrade product according to user feedback. We’d like to see parents and baby have great time with fun, care and love while using our product. 
Our product selection is now divided into 6 series: Bath toy,  Cognitive, Light & Music, Interactive Play, Sleep & Relax, Soothing. With the growth of baby each parent can find products that will make their daily parenting experience even more joyful.

Origin of brand

"Tu": Cute, naive, lively and clever. Meaning in Chinese "Rabbit".
"MAMA": The world most lovely person, who giving you birth of life.
"Tumama": Is transliterated by Chinese "兔妈妈".
"U": Designed as a animal facial image with flexibility, decorated with rabbit ears in orange, to make it lively. These elements help to reinforce brand personality.
“Kids": Means kids, our target users.

兔妈妈/Tumama Kids is an original stylish baby toy brand devote to offer innovative design product for baby and parents.

Target clear

Tumama Kids has a clear vision, mission, values, which is the greatest value of the team.


Everything we do is driven by joy of baby.


Baby's joy for a better future.


Design with fun, care and love.

Core competitive strength

We need it all the time:
Work closely with the need of baby and parents.
Never stop creating better.
Sustainable development.

Seven core competitive strengths, help Tumama to step forward firmly.
Committed to concentrate on baby, build the connection between baby, parents and products.

Environmental Friendly Package

In order to save the cost of logistics, handling, and space occupation, we don't use fancy package.
With the most saved material but ensure products are delivered to customers in good condition.

Just the Right Function

From our understanding, just use the right function that fit baby's need, no more or less.
Select every music, set every color of light, carefully evaluate if every function is meaningful to baby.

The Pursuit of the Ultimate in Details

Review every single feedback from million parents, our standard might be higher than most parents concerning with the pursuit of details.
Collect user feedback and improve product continually.

Multi Material Usage

Multi material mixture (plastic, fiber, metal, wood), multi combination and usage.
Make more fun on toys.

Classic Color Collocation

Red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple, black, white, gray, brown, transparent, distinct colors.
Because our end user is baby, we don't choose fashion color or adult judge color sense to design toys.

Strict Safety standard

We always take safety into our first consideration, with an extremely strict manner.
Comply with global baby toy safety test standards.

Use of Simulation Scenarios

In a certain situation, what toys do baby need? This is one of our R&D processes: simulation application scenarios.
When, how, and the meaning of play with toys.

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