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Bath toys for babies 3-6 years

Enrich your child's bath time with our cute and safe bath toys.
Our bath toys are made of safe and environmentally friendly materials, designed to entertain your little one meanwhile promoting sensory development.
Having fun with such functional bath toy make every bath a fun experience for your child.
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Learning toys for baby & toddler 0-24 months

Cognitive toys are toys that promote children's intellectual development and improve children's attention, memory, logic, creativity and other abilities.
Suitable for children of different ages, allowing them to learn new knowledge and skills while having fun.
Mothers who value their baby's cognitive development must not miss them!
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Musical toys with light for babies 12-48 months

Music and light toys have a great effect on stimulating the baby's senses and are very suitable for the baby's early development.
In addition, toys with music and light train baby's sense of rhythm by soothing sounds, vibrant lights attract the baby's attention.
Having such a toy is great for baby's eye hand coordination.
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Sleep & Relax toys for babies 0-24 months

Are you trying to find a sleep and relax toy for your baby?
Our sleep and relax toys are specially designed for babies to help them enjoy a peaceful bedtime, release mum's stress, making take care of baby an easy task.
Our sleep and relax toys are soft, soothing and safe - perfect for helping little ones fall asleep.
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Soothing toys for babies 0-36 months

When baby crying or trying to sleep, soothing toys increase baby's sense of security, provide a gentle and calm environment.
It is a good helper for mothers to comfort their babies. When the baby needs sensory training, comfort toys offer correspoding stimulation to the baby's vision, touching, hearing and other aspects.
Soothing toys are essential in your baby's growth and development.
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Interactive activity toys for babies 3-6 years

Do you want your child to have a singing and dancing interactive plush toy? 
Do you want to build a race track set with your kids? 
Such kind of creative and interactive toys can stimulate children's imagination, develop their sense of music and motor skills, and bring unlimited benefits to children.
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